The Trouble with CrossFit

A few years ago, when CrossFit was initially booming, many people were writing in off as “the latest fad,” or the “newest trend in fitness.” There are still some people who actually think this. Although frustrating at first, I find this completely understandable. Anything new in this industry tends to be looked upon by outsiders with skepticism. But CrossFit has something on its side that continues to baffle skeptics and has fakers all over the industry attempting to mimic it in every way possible aside from simply admitting they were wrong, and getting out of our way. CrossFit has something on its side that no new fitness gimmick can compete with. CrossFit has something on its side that no 14-day miracle hollywood diet, no Xenadrine Extreme Weight Loss Catalyst, no Bowflex, ab rocker, thigh master, face trainer, shake weight, fat lotion, wrinkle cream, slim fast shake, or point system diet could ever hope to compete with.


CrossFit has truth.


The thing about TRUTH is it stands up to scrutiny. It can be attacked but it is immovable. When the dust settles it is the stone fortress that has remained and will remain unscathed for centuries.


This stems from the fact that at its core, what we do in CrossFit is not an INVENTION. It is a DISCOVERY.


CrossFit did not make this up. They simply organized it into the most usable format the industry has seen. A format that works perfectly for us regular people. A format that includes all of the things that humans thrive on and require to be successful. It is the exact same thing as Paleo and this is why the two are essentially inseparable. Paleo is not an invention either. No one made the shit up. And the people advocating it and making money on it are not because they own it or invented it, it is because they are helping you find ways to adhere to an ancient reality in a modern society.


What makes the two of these things so readily acceptable in my mind is the fact that this is exactly how I would expect truth to be. We have been around for a long time and to think we are going to all of a sudden stumble on something brand new in the realm of human performance and nutrition is absurd to me. Yes we are constantly sharpening our understanding, but the likelihood of us discovering one day that human beings actually don’t need oxygen to breathe seems pretty far-fetched to me. And hopefully to you.


A lot of people dislike truth. That’s foreign to people like us, but it is relatively common. Truth is like looking in the mirror WITH the lights on…nekkid. The reality is people prefer to be deceived. People prefer a brisk walk with a shake weight followed by a 2,000 calorie smoothie, to a hero WoD followed by a bowl of meat and veggies. Unfortunately you don’t get to choose what it takes. You only get to choose whether to do it or not. Truth is troublesome, and that’s the trouble with CrossFit.