The Piper will be Paid

The Piper Will be Paid


Life has an amazing way of balancing the scales.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about comfort and discomfort.


We are a species that has made comfort sort of the ultimate goal of life. But, the piper will be paid.


Many avoid discomfort at every front. Comfort foods, air conditioning, vehicles, TV, sofas, pills and medications, laziness, chairs, airbag shoes.


A lot of our lives revolves around staying comfortable.


We CrossFitters are different.


We choose daily, momentary discomfort to avoid the consequences of a life of comfort.


We prefer the discomfort of a WoD to the discomfort of a heart attack or stroke.


We prefer the discomfort of chewing vegetables to the discomfort of injecting insulin.


We prefer the discomfort of the elements to the discomfort of disease, or the hospital, or the nursing home.


The Piper will be paid. We just prefer to pay in installments.