For whatever reason, over the last week or so, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about contracts. Every time, they are amazed that we do not use contracts to keep people at the gym. So I decided to scribble down some of my thoughts on gyms that require contracts or have some overly complex exit process, and why we don’t.

Continued competition breeds growth, improvement, and evolution. CrossFit is a competitive fitness program. That is one of the many reasons it is so successful. It helps you be successful. How can we continue to espouse the benefits of a competitive fitness program, and refuse to engage in competition ourselves?

Contracts are anti-competition. Contracts ensure that the business no longer has to earn your business and loyalty, it only has to sweet talk you one time and get you hooked.

I f%&cking hate salesmen. Now wait, there is a place for sales. I’m talking about “salesy” salesman that lie and bullshit to get you to buy. CrossFit Breaux Bridge is a magical place where the unbelievable happens on a regular basis. We are helping people achieve things inside and outside of the box that they never thought possible. But if you come to us and say, “Hey, I wanna be taller.” We won’t pitch you some bullshit about how CFBB can help with that.

A few people have come to me recently and said, “I want to join, but I’m stuck in this globo gym contract.” And that’s exactly why. At CrossFit Breaux Bridge, we don’t believe we have to put handcuffs on you to get you to stay with us. This is a dating relationship. You remember that? When you had to stay impressive in order to keep the relationship going? We can’t expect to be able to get overweight, out of shape, quit our job, and sit on the couch eating Cheez-Its™ and then expect you to stick around.

We are not afraid to take on the challenge of having to continually earn your business and trust. We are not afraid to continually improve. Honestly, we’re just not afraid period:)

Instead of “capturing” you, we’d rather just keep our promises to you.

Our promise to provide continuously improving coaching and instruction with multiple certifications and experience.

Our promise to provide quality equipment and the best available facility for your training.

Our promise to provide cutting edge programming.

Our promise to work with, through, and around your current limitations.

Our promise to do our part.

We are not trying to trick you, we are trying to help you.


Note: If you or someone you know has a fitness problem, call 337-303-3157 or 337.280.6094.