Every Movement Has a Moment Pt.1

Every movement has a moment. This is as true in CrossFit as it has always been true in a historical sense. But let’s just talk about the CrossFit sense.


At CrossFit St. Landry, we perform a wide range of movements to ensure a well rounded, healthful, and FUNctional fitness. These movements were very thoughtfully chosen.


“Criteria for selection include, range of joint motion, uniqueness of line of action, length of line of action, strength of line of action, commonness of motor pattern, demands on flexibility, irreducibility, utility, foundational value, neurological value, measurable impact on adherents, and, frankly, potential for metabolically induced discomfort.


Our workhorse movements include deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, running and lunging, push- ups and dips, presses and jerks, cleans and snatches, rope climbing, sit-ups, jumping, throwing, pressing to handstand and some hybrid movements like the muscle-up, clean & jerk, ‘wall-ball’, and ‘thruster’.”1



“The majority of these movements involve the production of POWER.”


We all have an idea that comes to mind when we think of the word “power.” Maybe it’s electricity or a motor. Maybe it’s a huge green man with tattered jorts. Maybe it’s this guy…






Let’s take it a step further. Think about the word “powerful.” When I think of something as powerful I think if it being really capable of what it is made to do. The most powerful horse would be able to pull the heaviest wagon the fastest. The most powerful engine would be able to produce the most forces and in the shortest amount of time, and so on. In these examples, we see that power is not only linked to the amount of force produced, but also the speed at which it is produced.


So what’s the difference between strength and power?


Well, without getting too fancy and technical, picture this example. Two women come into the gym and both can pick up 200lbs. However, neither of them can pick up 201lbs. Who is the strongest?


“Most would say they were equally strong.”


Now what if I told you that one of them can pick it up in less than 1 second, and it takes the other 4 full seconds to strain and fight to get it up. Now who is stronger? The one who can do it in 1 second right?


Now again, without quibbling too much over the definition of strength, the reality is that the woman who did it the fastest is actually the most “powerful.” See where the time part comes in?


Whenever you guys hear your trainers talk about things like “explosiveness” or “violent contraction” what we are talking about is producing power. Because power is the product of strength AND speed, it requires both. It also means that they all increase and decrease proportionally. If either strength or speed increases, power goes up.


Now that you have a general understanding of what we mean when we talk about power, in Part 2 of this post, we will dig in to the moment in each movement where the ability for the human body to produce power is at it’s peak, and why having this information is vitally important to your progress.





1Glassman, Greg. “What Is CrossFit.” CrossFit Journal 19 (2004): 1-7. Web.




We are motivated by a never-ending quest to satisfy five basic needs, woven into our genes:


1. To love

2. To belong

3. To be powerful

4. To be free

5. To have fun and to survive


“The strength of each need varies from person to person.*”


“A never-ending Quest” would be awful don’t you think?  Like a hamster on a wheel.  A struggle toward something that we can never achieve.  A long and arduous search for something that can never be found.  Just the thought of that leads to feelings of hopelessness and despair.


We are a people in motion.  A people in pursuit.  A people who are searching. A people with a quest.


We hunt.  We fish.  We gamble.  We go to church. We join groups.  We search FB.  All because of that never-ending quest to satisfy those five basic needs.


We believe that this quest is only ‘never-ending’ in the realm of a lifetime.  In other words, there may not be that ‘One Thing’ that we can do to satisfy these 5 basic needs for the rest of our lives; no ‘one and done;’ however …….. Our experience here has shown that ALL five of these basic needs CAN be satisfied.  DAILY.  We may wake up again the next morning to find that all or some of them have been reborn, but knowing that there is a place to go and a way that they can be satisfied “AGAIN”  is encouraging.  That offers promise.


1. To ‘love.’  Nearly impossible to define, but most closely…. Great interest or

intense feelings.

2. To ‘belong.’  To be included; to fit in; to have a rightful place.

3. To be ‘powerful.’  To have influence; to be solid; strong.

4. To be ‘free.’  No longer confined or restrained.

5. To have ‘fun’; and ‘survive.’  To have lighthearted pleasure as you live and exist in spite of hardship.


Every day people walk through our doors with an unspoken longing to touch the intangible; to find something that they are not even sure how to explain ….. a hunger …… a quest …… to satisfy basic needs.   And every day we watch people walk back out of the same doors triumphant; Conquerors who have mastered ‘self.’


They are better for it ……. and therefore ….. so are we.



*William Glasser, BS, MA in Clinical Psychology, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland; MD in Psychiatry, UCLA and the Veterans Administration Center

The Annihilator


Thinking about that Theoretical Hierarchy of Development of an Athlete today and it made me wonder, what would a workout look like if it was in accordance to the Hierachy?

It goes like this.

1.) Nutrition
2.) Metabolic Conditioning
3.) Gymnastics
4.) Weightlifting and Throwing
5.) Sport

Since we have seen the amazing results from our Paleo Challengers just recently we already know what we need to do for nutrition.

Back to the workout,

Metabolic conditiong-Rowing

Get through this 2k row, think of it as a right of passage to the situps.

Gymnastics-GHD situps

Engage the quads on the way back up and straighten those knees out, KICK don’t PULL.

Weightlifting-Power Clean

So you finally made it to the weights, but your heart rate is at 170 BPM, much different pulling heavy weight from the floor at the end of a workout than fresh after a warmup.

Slow your breathing, have a tight setup on the bar. Get some reps in.

This is your Hierarchy of a workout.

Can you make it to the Weightlifting?

Back to work.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
On a running clock to 15:00

2,000 meter row
50 GHD situps

with remaining time


Power Cleans 185/115

**Score is total reps of Power Cleans.
**For your safety, scale to Ab mat situps if you cannot do at least 10 GHD sit-ups in a row without stopping.



Partner Cindy


Man, so many things going on right now. Thank you everyone who came to the goals party! Hopefully it at least made you guys think a little and for you guys that are going to be taking advantage of Lifetick I’m really excited to see what it’s going to do for you.

Today’s WoD starts with Week 3 of the strengthening cycle we have been working through. This is the heaviest week so really get tight and get 1-3 on the last set.

The metcon is the partner version of another classic muscle stamina CrossFit workout that will challenge your body at a metabolic level. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the partner version is any easier though…..

Outside of the metabolic (engine) benefits of this workout, another great opportunity here is to make changes to some of your foundational movements or tighten up some loose ends. Hunter…fix that kip….Blake….knoeck out those squat changes.

These types of workouts are the ones in which we can make a lot of progress when done well, or make a lot of bad habits when done incorrectly.


Wendler Squat Week 3
Back Squat

Partner Cindy (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
20 Min AMRAP
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

*one partner works at a time

**alternate rounds