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ANGIE 29 JULY 2016
Today we are trying to develop some muscle stamina and lactate threshold. Now I know what you’re thinking…..When will I ever have to do 100 pull-ups?!?!
Well, good question. I don’t often get to do On Ramps, but I got to do one last week. During one of our discussion portions we got to the down and dirty super simplified definition of CrossFit.
CV : Constantly Varied
HI: High Intensity
FM : Functional Movement
Now the Constantly Varied part speaks of our commitment to ever changing stimulus designed to keep the body in a state of constant adaptation. It also speaks to our commitment to challenging ourselves in as many different time and modal domains as we can think of.
The Functional Movement portion describes the type of movements we perform. There is a list of what qualifies functional movements, But thats not todays focus
Today we are looking at the High Intensity portion. Now we all know from our time in CrossFit, that one display of high intensity is speed. Another example of High Intensity would be weight or load. Now the question came up in the On Ramp class, “What is the purpose of the intensity?”
Well there are two.:
1) Intensity drives adaptation.
– If you run a mile everyday, you will get good at running a mile everyday. It will get easier up to a certain point and then any benefits from running the mile will begin to stabilize or even revert.
-If you run a mile AS FAST AS YOU CAN everyday, the adaptation to that stimulus will continue almost indefinitely.
2) Intensity makes the thing you are training for easy!
-Many of us attend CFBB/CFSL simply with the goal of living a better life, so lets look at some of the demands we face in life that intensity in the gym helps make easier.
How easy is carrying your groceries when you have carried 35lb kettelebells for miles?
How easy is getting out of your chair after you are used to doing 100 Air Squats?
For Time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 air squats
3 Rnft
10 Side Plank w/ Hip Kiss L
10 Side Plank w/ Hip Kiss R
10 Hip Extensions
(3 count lower, explode up, 3 count hold at top)
*these need to be perfect. Your lower back needs to not round even the slightest millimeter.
It’s 1 or the OTHER!!!!
For time:
100 chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 handstand push-ups
100 GHD sit-ups
100 one-legged squats, alternating


I love to watch learning taking place.
I don’t know if that exactly communicates it, but I don’t really know how else to say it.
I love to watch you guys try something a few times, then get a few cues, then sort of think about it for a second, try it, and the look on your face when you nail it is priceless.
I see Eliot doing it whenever we are camping and I am setting up or building a fire, or I’m fixing something and he is watching intently.
I see Django do it as he watches me open a box or move something from room to room, or open a door.
For some reason over the last few weeks it has really been on my mind how much we learn from what we observe. It is way more than by what we hear.
But for some reason I always think a step further.
If we learn more and have learned have learned more from observing others, than from listening to them, this means people learn way more from me from what I do than from what I say. This means that while we THINK talking is our primary form of communication, the reality is our actions speak much more loudly.
To that end I wasn’t to really take a minute and congratulate every one of you that live this way of life with us. You may not be seeing the pay off yet, but the message you are communicating to your families, to your children and to your peers about the importance CrossFit and good Nutrition, will not soon be forgotten and are way more effective than anything you could ever say. Keep being the change you want to see!!!
Any of you guys with shoulder pain, or pain upon waking need to check this out.
Your poor sleeping position can be having a huge impact on your fitness.
At 5:50 he goes into some first rib specific smashing. I want you to spend about 5 minutes digging into that tissue with a lacrosse ball.
The Unhappy Medium
For time:
12 ring handstand push-ups
15 back squats 225/155
20 burpees
9 ring handstand push-ups
18 front squats 205/135
20 burpees
6 ring handstand push-ups
21. overhead squats 105/185
20 burpees
**cool scale Idea: grab some bands and connect some rings to them.
Step in the band and bring the rings to your shoulder like a shoulder press.
Press the rings up, while standing on the bands that are connected so it is like a banded, ring, shoulder press!!
***alernately one could sub HSPU ring pushups, or anything equally difficult


Congrats on some nice bench press PR’s yesterday!!!
Alright boys and girls, 2016 CFBB Summer League Week 2. We will do this one in 2 parts. Summer Leaguers wll go first with you guys cheering them on to victory. After all, they are competing to represent the ENTIRE box in the MegaWoD finale!! After they are done, if you are not in Summer League, hit this one solo.
Pay attention as the solo wod has an additional piece.
Here are the Summer League rules:
On a running clock to 12 minutes:
Establish 3RM Sumo Deadlift (0-8min)
Max effort Toes to Bar (8-12min)
For Sumo Deadlift:
– Feet must remain outside of the hands and hands must remain inside of the width of the hips
– Partners must use the same bar
– Bar must be lowered to the ground at the completion of each 3-rep set
– Reps do not have to be Touch-N-Go but hands must not leave the bar during the 3-rep set
For Toes-to-Bar:
– One partner works at a time. Partners must tag-out from behind starting line that is positioned 5ft from their spot on the rig
– Total TTB reps in 4 minutes will be added to Total SDL weight for Final Score
SDL portion
8 minutes to find 3 rep max Sumo Deadlift
TTB Portion
4 minutes to find max TTB
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
2 minutes to acquire max reps conventional DL with 3 rep sumo weight


Pushing is functional.
Although you are wayyy more likely to encounter the need for this ability while standing, ie. pushing a car, a fight, moving a fridge, it is still beneficial to isolate the arms action in those movements on occasion.
Today’s strength portion will have two options.
If you can bench press at least your body weight… will be bench pressing.
The rest of you will be floor pressing. The floor press is the most effective way to learn proper elbow placement in the bench press as you are forced to lower in external rotation in order to set your elbow down and support the load.
As for the Metcon….godspeed.
Bench Press
20 Min to find max.
*press heels
*arched back
*tight abs
*elbows not flared
*total body effort
*deep breath
Floor Press
8-8-8-8-8 across
*be mindful of your wrists
Jackrabbit Slim
Tabata the following
Each exercise consists 8 rounds :20 on :10 off.
You must complete all rounds of one exercise before moving to the second and so on. Just like every other tabata.
Row for cal
Double Unders
**Score is total reps added up AFTER dividing dubs by 5.
**there are some new RPM 3.0 ropes available in some pretty gnarly colors if you are ready to buy your last jumprope ever.


IMG_1396 (1)
When I was in high school, I had a buddy that spent a lot of money on souping up his car. I didn’t understand it.
It was a late 90’s Pontiac of some sort. The 4 door. Grand Prix or Grand Am? Some of you know which is which I bet.
He would always tell me what he had done to it. Turbo intake, super charging, max velocity, such and such. The cockpit was laced with obvious “non-Pontiac” gadgetry and -ometers.
It wasn’t much to look at.
Then one day he took me around the block………
We hit 160 on the on ramp, and we did a 90° Turn at about 60mph.
It occurred to me at that point that I had no understanding of what “performance” was up to that point.
The 2016 CrossFit Games just finished. Performance was on display all weekend. It was incredible to watch. And honestly, some of the things those human beings are capable of accomplishing would be considered humanly impossible were it not for having just watched a human do it.
But watching it, or hearing about it, does no justice to experiencing your own potential.
CrossFit is about souping yourself up. Its about applying upgrades, tweaks, and changes to the vehicle that is your soul’s taxi. To enable you to BE in a way that is unavailable to those who think that this self-maintenance lifestyle is anything other than mandatory.
Every acquired skill and ability is an upgrade opening doors to activities previously off limits to you.
F$&k “off limits”
Get souped up.
Spend 5-10 minutes with the good ole barbell trap smash and first rib opener, followed by some legit overhead prep.
Skrt Skrt
EMOM For 20min
1 (Squat Clean + Jerk + Back Squat + Behind the Neck Jerk + Overhead Squat)
*score is total weight of all succesfully completed complexes.
**must bedone all in one or started over.
***unsuccesfully completed rounds or skipped rounds equal 0.