Before You Make Those Resolutions!



A year or two ago I was having a conversation with a guy about nutrition, food and over-eating. He was in his early fifties, very overweight, with a host of chronic problems. He actually died of  a stroke since then. Actually, as I write this, I realize this was the last conversation I had with him.

We were discussing WHY he was the way he was. We were discussing why he consistently over ate. Why he couldn’t seem to change even though it was killing him.

He had decided that the reason he was the way he was, was become his mom had hammered into him that wasting food was some kind of unforgivable sin. Maybe you have had a similar idea put into your mind as well.

Now upon initial assessment I thought to myself, “This guy is going to die because of this one belief that wasting food is a horrible sin.”

But that was not the whole problem.

In 2005, I lived in a small town called Fallujah in Iraq. It was a quaint village, densely populated by criminals and adorned with topless palm trees, bomb cratered streets, open sewerage, and chickens.

The locals were generally of a set of religious convictions mostly unfamiliar to us. One of these convictions was what most of us would view as an almost inordinate respect for food. In America, it is—or was, at least—customary to pray a prayer of thanks prior to eating. These people had a similar tradition but a different set of practices.

One day squatting around a fire eating some homemade pita bread, I decided I had enough and tossed the remaining half of the portion I had been nibbling to the ground.

All hell broke loose.

Three guys jumped out of their squat, essentially diving toward the discarded half eaten sandwich, knocking me over in the process. As one of the guys stood up, he looked around like he had just recovered what would have been the game-losing fumble, walked over to the half wall a few feet from us, and placed the bread on top of it.

It was after that occurrence that I was informed of the meaning of the event.

Like the man in our first example, these guys were also of the opinion that food was invaluable, and that wasting it was an egregious sin. They also had been taught this at some point by their mothers. But they dealt with it differently. It is their tradition that all leftover food either be preserved for the next meal, given to someone in need, or given to the animals for consumption. It can not be thrown to the ground or discarded. But it did not have to be eaten.

They maintained their conviction for the value of food, but saw an alternate solution to the problem of dealing with the excess. This made me think, maybe a lot of things are like this.

I’m busy. My mind is hyperactive. I have a lot of irons in the fire. And I sometimes reach a point where I almost want to break down and scream,


Through my recovery from alcoholism, I have learned in situations like these that the first question I must ask myself is “What part did I play in the creation of this situation?”

Well, I’m the one who made my plate. So……

My old response to the situation of the overfilled plate is frantically trying to figure out how I am going to consume all of it.

But now I try to look over it and ask myself,

What can I remove from it? What is unnecessary, what can be saved for later, what just needs to be “given to the animals”?

The New Year is upon us and it is a time of year where many of us begin to think about what we want to accomplish this year. What we want to add to our plates. But my advice is to first, set aside some time, make a list of what is already on your plate, and consider what things can be removed to make room for the things that bring you life!!


Gotta get after it on Friday!

A chipper for you guys today to tackle, for the clean and jerks try to choose a weight that you would do for the workout “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks for time.

A weight that you can continually move, even if it’s in singles, stay on it though.

Pull-ups should be scaled to something we can continue moving with as well, use bands if needed but we are trying to push the pace in this workout and move through it consistently.

Burpees are burpees….scale the number of reps if you really struggle with this movement, trust your coaches.

Target time to keep it under is 15 minutes.

Back to work.


30 Pullups
20 Burpees
10 Clean and jerks 135/95

20 Pullups
15 Burpees
8 Clean and jerks

15 Pullups
10 Burpees
6 Clean and jerks

10 Pullups
5 Burpees
4 Clean and jerks

5 Pullups
3 Burpees
2 Clean and jerks

Teens/Masters 115/75 RX


It was awesome to see all those PR’s yesterday on the back squats.  Crazy how we get stronger without specifically training a certain movement.  So how do we get stronger without doing a specific movement like squats or running? CrossFit that’s how, CrossFit!

Today we are going to grab ourselves a partner and have some fun.  We get to actually pick one another up and carry each other.  Some situations in life require us to pick someone up and carry them, if we are inside of a burning building and a loved one is hurt, if you are in the woods hunting and your hunting buddy gets hurt and you need to carry them to safety.  There are endless amounts of reasons that we would need to pick someone up and carry them.

Keep pushing each other today and work together.  After each grueling round that you complete make sure that you show your partner some love with a jumping high five.


30 min AMRAP

With A Partner

400 m Run
100’ Partner Carry
50 Back Extensions
40 DB’S Hang Clean 45/25
30 Box Jumps 24/20
20 GHD Situps
10 Wall Walks
1 Jumping High Five

*Run Together.
*The partner carry in BB from rig to rig is 50’ and in SL from rig to door is 50’. We can use any style of carry possible.
*The work can be split up however you see fit.
*If we get some rain, sub the run for a 500m row.


Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas with family and friends!

Regular hours today at the gym if you want to come in and take down a classic CrossFit WoD!

Diane is a fast paced non stop workout that we are trying to keep under 7 minutes!

Bring your lungs because we are going to breathe hard and go fast!

Back to work.


Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups



The 12 days of Christmas was a classic as always! great work to everyone who came out and handled up on that workout!!

Today we work in intervals! Hardest part about intervals is not the part where you are working, the hard part is how to react during your break.

We all know to push as hard as we can during the minute of work, that’s a given, but how do you recover and prepare for the next minute of work?

Calm your breathing, use a focal point. Think or look at something that helps you relax, big deep breaths in and slow out, fill your lungs up with air and force recover.

Do not lay down, this is only going to make getting back up and working even harder.

So we have push press-Dip and drive without moving the feet, one dip and then extend the knees and hips until fully locked out.

Squat hold-maintaining lumbar curve, knees out, RX is below parallel, but we have to keep the chest up. Stand in front of the wall or the rig to help if needed!

Double underhand strict pull-ups will test the biceps, feel the pump, but maintain a hollow body.

Plank hold is clinching the cheeks and not letting the belly button sag towards the floor, stay tight!

Front Squats-breath and keep getting reps, try not to have to put the bar down, a rep every 2 seconds will get you 20 reps.

We sure hope everyone has a great weekend and Merry Christmas and the best holidays!

Back to work.


AMRAP – Reps
2 Rounds

1 minute on/1 minute off rotating through each movement in your 1 minute break

-Push press 95/65

-Squat Hold

-Double Underhand Strict pull-ups

-Plank Hold on elbows

-Front Squats 95/65

***After 1 Round you have a 3 minute break but you have to run in the break.

-Run 400 meters

Round 2 starts at 12:00

**you get a rep for every 10 seconds you hold the squat and plank, so max reps for those portions is 6

**Run 400 meters in under 3 minutes after round 2 as well