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A tabata workout consist of a series of movements with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.

A tabata workout will have us in an anaerobic state. Being in an anaerobic state our bodies improve power, speed, strength, and muscle mass, all while also burning fat. When implemented properly, anaerobic conditioning  can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting disadvantage of long periods of cardio. Aerobic work can have a negative effect on anaerobic conditioning, but anaerobic work has no disadvantage to aerobic conditioning.  Our bodies have three metabolic  pathways : Oxidative, Phosphagen, and Glycolytic. Today we will be in the two that have an anaerobic effect on us, the phosphagen and glycolytic pathway.

When doing a tabata workout the first couple of rounds are “feel out” rounds. The first round is pushups, so lets say that you can knock out 15 of them in the first and second round. Then the question would be, could you do that for the other six rounds? If we come out at the start too hard too fast then we will have nothing left for the later rounds. Do something that is sustainable throughout and then go all out on the last round of that movement.


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Weighted Box Stepovers (45lbs/25lbs) (24″/20″)
Strict Pullups

Only one weight per person.
Sub strict pullups with strict banded pullups or ring rows.



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We do it all here at CFSL/CFBB

We lift heavy, we lift moderately heavy and we lift light. Snatching at all different weights means the same end result but the variation of the movement is important to consider in different workouts.

For today’s snatches you should most likely stay with a muscle snatch, a power snatch with no feet, or a a traditional power snatch.

With the high amount of reps you will be doing and the weight should be light for you today, about 35% of your 1RM. Keep moving and cycle those snatches…..if you have to do 10 singles, you went to heavy!!

Someone asked me last week “When are we going to do thrusters again?”

You have been heard, here we go!

Back to work.


4 Rounds for time

10 Power Snatches 95/65
10 Thrusters 95/65
50 Double unders

50+Masters/Teens 75/45



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After yesterday’s WOD our legs are probably sore. Wether you have been coming to the gym for a while or just a couple of weeks, the amount of reps and load can still cause a great amount of soreness. That soreness that you fill is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is created when the muscles are in the eccentric  (lengthening) of the movement under load, causing microtrauma to the muscle fibers.  A few things that can help subside the feelings of soreness is staying hydrated which can help keep the body flushed of toxins from the muscle breakdown as well as eating foods that are high in antioxidants (berries). Getting back to the gym the next day is another way to help alleviate DOMS, breaking up the the muscles in the affected area.

On the floor press we are laying flat on our back keeping our head, shoulders, and feet flat on the floor. The arms will come straight down where the elbows are directly by our sides. When lowering the arm don’t let the elbows crash into the floor, control on the descend and explode pushing the weight up.

Turkish get-ups require core stability as well as some flexibility.  Keep your eyes on the weight the entire movement and staying tight in the midsection.

When we start to climb up the wall on the wall walks, don’t let the hips sag. The wall walks are a great opportunity to stay engaged in the core while we are moving. If we notice that our lower back gets tight while doing these, squeezing the glutes will help keep the pressure off the lower back.


1k  Row Buy-in

10 DB Floor Presses 45/25
6 Alternating Turkish get-ups 45/25
2 Wall Walks

1k Row Buy-out



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Testing your heart today with the back squat max reps set!!

Definitely want to see you guys push today, get that one extra rep with whatever weight your Coach guides you to, we want you to guys to shoot for 10 if not more. By all means if you want to take the RX weight for a ride to 20 something reps go for it!

Choose one of the weights that you feel you can get at least 10 reps with and put that into your score along with your reps.

Then take on a burner…a sprint…a straight through race….one shot….do not miss your chance….okay I’m rambling.

But run through this one, unbroken is the goal…but expect to break a little. But choose weights appropriately for big sets!

This is about an 8 minute workout is what we are shooting for but I won’t be surprised to see a 6 minute run today.

Barbells should be taken from the ground for RX on the back squats. Settle in there’s no need to rush 30 back squats, relax and count yourself to 3 sets of 10 if that helps. Pause at the top but keep you belly braced for 3-5 seconds if a break is needed but hang in there. Big sets!!

Dip and drive on the push press and squeeze the quads and glutes and finish tall without moving the feet. DB’s can get tricky so aim straight up put your biceps to your ears.

GHD’s need to be set up correctly and make sure you’re kicking up! Use your hips and legs to take all that strain off your stomach. Keep the chin tucked and look at your toes if it helps.

Crush it.

Back to work.


Max Reps Back Squat 225/155  (One shot AMRAP)
Scaled options are


After Warming up well, you choose out of the RX or scaled options weights which one you’d like to attempt. Choose something you can push for 10 on! If not more than that but it should get really tough around 10.
Metcon (Time)
For time

30 Back Squats 135/95
30 DB Push Press 45/25
30 GHD Situps

Masters/Teens Backsquat RX 115/75



When we come to the box we come to train. Each of us may train for something different but we are training to make our lives better, our jobs easier, or be better at our sport. To get better at something you have to practice it and practice it well. Doing skills and drills helps us get better at something that we are trying to become efficient at. Doing these skills or drills only really helps if we do them correctly. If we have a kipping pull-up that is awesome, but if that kipping pull-up just hit the standards of the movement and looked horrific then we need to break the movement down to get better at it. Once we have a movement we need to be eager to get better at that movement. Coming to the box everyday we should be striving to do our movements better than when we did them last time. We want to move forward in our training not backwards.

Setting up the deadlift today we need to grab a weight that we can get at least the first round unbroken and then the other two rounds with no more than one break. Keep the lumbar curve maintained, shoulders retracted, and keep the bar over the middle of the foot.

Hitting the correct stimulus of the workout is important in your training. Taking your coaches advice on their decision on the weight for you will be beneficial. Your coach may prescribe a different weight for different reasons, but all are important and the most important is for your safety.


Chest-2-Bar pull-ups

Fine tuning the ones that we have, linking the singles, or getting our first. We will spend some time and do some progressions for our chest-2bar.

15 Deadlifts 225/155
15 Chest 2 Bar
600 m Run

15 Deadlifts 225/155
15 Chest 2 Bar
400 m Run

15 Deadlifts 225/155
15 Chest 2 Bar
200 m run

Rx+ 275/185
25min time cap