What We Are Doing is Sacrosanct


Have you ever done something you really, truly believed in? Maybe you were part of a cause or an initiative. Maybe you pulled your son or daughter aside at a sporting event to try and encourage them.

I was talking with a client the other day who was telling me a story that happened last weekend. His son was in a shooting competition and while on the firing line, awaiting the skeet to eject from the thrower, he prematurely fired his shotgun.

If you have ever shot on a range or in groups, this is a HUGE no-no. The blunder of all blunders. Not only does it display a lack of focus but it displays a lack of focus that can have some largely detrimental consequences for others.

This client ran to the firing line to have some words with his son. A little to fuss, a little to console and help him regain his focus. While this was happening the range officer began fussing loudly at the client for interrupting the days activities which our client blatantly ignored. He ignored them because he believed what he was doing to be sacrosanct.

β€œAt CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry we believe what we are doing is sacrosanct.”

I love words.

I believe that our intelligence, our ability to exercise our minds, comprehend concepts, synthesize ideas, and innovate intellectually is severely enhanced or limited by our vocabulary.

But I still had to look up this word.

Sacrosanct – regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.

At CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry we believe what we are doing is sacrosanct. We are saving lives, altering destinies, positively impacting entire families, athletic teams, moms, dads, teachers, machinists, lawyers, doctors, salesman, police officers, military veterans, firefighters, priests, coaches, students, dentists, managers, friends.

And we will NEVER stop,

Join us.


POST 0331

31 MARCH 2017 17.6

Alright guys here we go one more time to earn your team some points for Intramural Open!!

A one rep max sumo deadlift will be the equalizer this year!

You cannot make this up on saturday or sunday to get your team points it has to be done in a class today and logged into Wodify in order for your team to receive the points for your big lifts!!

Come in today and pull some big numbers!

After all the fun and loud cheering there is a 2k max effort row following the Sumo deadlift.

This is not for the Open, it does not give your team points but it will make you more fit.

So unless you’re scared or have the “I suck at rowing” mentality you’ll probably skip out on this.

But if you want to no suck at rowing or have better engine, get on the rower and give it everything you have for 2,000 meters.

Don’t miss today!!

Back to work.


Sumo Deadlift
1 rep max
2k Row
Max Effort 2k Row


POST 0330


Thank all of you that brought a friend. It’s always great to see the looks on the friends faces when they see what you guys are capable of.

Today we start off with some shoulder stability to help keep our shoulders strong and healthy. Having strong and stable shoulders gives us the ability to hold loads over our heads.Β  When we go into handstand holds or overhead squats, we need stable shoulders to keep the weight from crushing down on us.

The WOD today goes down in reps with the snatches while the reps go up in the rows.

The high hang snatch starts at full extension. Once we have the bar at the hips we don’t lower it back down to mid thigh or top of knees. Stay at the hips with the bar.

Renegade rows will require us to keep our core braced while doing them. Keep your feet about shoulder width or a little wider apart. Don’t rotate at the hips keep your shoulders squared to the floor.


Shoulder Stability
Bulletproof Shoulders
High Hang Snatch 115/75

Renegade Row + Burpee 45/25

135/95 High Hang Snatch
53/35 KB Row


post 0329


Bring a Friend Day is back!

Welcome all the new faces you see in class today guys, if all your friends were to scared to come grab a buddy in class and knock this one dead!

Great thing about a partner workout where only one of you works at a time is that you can hold your partner accountable!

Make sure they are doing all their reps and doing them well! No “Bro-reps” like hey you’re my buddy so you don’t have to squat down all the way….but yes you do.

Don’t let your friends slack, help them get better and make yourself better by making sure they are doing the movement to full standard and correctly unless Coach tells them different! Coach Overrules in that case πŸ™‚

Have fun today, push yourselves and your friends and let’s take Wednesday down!

Back to work.


16 minute AMRAP

Sharing reps between partners, switch as needed only one person works at a time.

100 Double Unders
60 Situps
40 Wall Balls 20/14
20 Pullups

**Scale to Single unders but do not double the number do the same amount!
**Pull-ups can be ring rows for the scale no bands today!



post 032222 MARCH 2017 PICK AND ROLL

Shout-out to everyone who rocked some wild socks yesterday!!

Hold yourself steady today in the gymnastics portion of your workout, teaching your body the correct positioning in these holds will only help you during wods that involve handstand pushups, pull-ups, toes to bar etc.

It’s hard to expect your body to just magically get into a position if you’ve never trained it to be there before πŸ™‚

Handstand hold we are pressing constantly into the floor with a braced ribcage and squeezing the gluteus. Everything in the midline must be tight or else you’ll look like a slinky trying to hold yourself up on the wall. Squeeze those legs tight too!!

L-Sit is a very tough position to get into, let alone hold for 30 seconds, scale it to slightly flexed knees if you have to but don’t cross the feet.

Attacking your core today with the Metcon as well, sit ups into KB swings then Goblet Squats. Just like at the top of a deadlift, when you’re overhead with the KB we want the shoulders n line with the hips, knees and ankles. This means you are stacked up with no hyperextension (sticking your butt out)

Stay tight, get right, don’t let the bad food bite.

Yeah i’m funny.


3 rounds not for time

-Nose to wall Handstand Hold 30 seconds
-Accumulate 30 seconds of L sit hold

5 rounds for time

20 Ab mat situps
15 KB Swings 53/35
10 Goblet Squats 53/35

rx+ 70/53