cfsl 0929


Training Intent

– Strength: Retest of Power Clean today. Make sure to record your numbers as you will need these next month. Try to beat previous weights by 5#.

– Metcon: Try to complete big sets for this piece and don’t overpace as this should be a sprint. Weights should be challenging. This workout is challenging mentally seeing that you’ll have a barbell in your hand for the entire piece. Don’t give in and put the bar down sooner than you need to. Go right from last set of hang power cleans to front squats without dropping.


Power Clean (1RM)
Find 1RM. Rest 2:00 between attempts.
– 8-10 Total Sets
For Time:

Deadlift (135, 95)
Hang Power Cleans (135, 95)
Front Squats (135, 95)

Masters & Teens: (115, 75)
9min time cap
Goal’s Gym
Metcon (No Measure)
Weighted Sit-ups: 3 x 12-15


Athletic Greens


Alright guys, I’ve been doing some experimenting.

I am not a supplement guy. I am a food guy. That just means that I am always going to encourage you guys to get what your body needs, micro and macro nutrients, from the foods that contain them. And, you guys that know me know that by food I mean actual food, like from before we ate out of boxes.

However, even the most adamant meat and veggies proponents can have a difficult time obtaining and consuming all that is required for optimal living. Even though you’ll still be better off than the majority of the population, I have come across a supplement that I can recommend.

Here is the kicker, it’s actually still food. And that’s why I like it. It’s also why it actually works.

We don’t sell it. Although I wouldn’t be against stocking it one day if that’s even possible. But in the meantime this is a completely unbiased and disinterested review/recommendation.

The product is called Athletic Greens, and outside of taking Progenex for recovery, it’s probably the best thing I have added to my routine.

I’m not going to go into the details about it, or write shit that’s already on their website and every review out there, just wanted to let you guys know about it.

I don’t take anything I can’t immediately tell I’ve taken, or that I can’t tell when I forget to take it. That’s why I stopped taking BCAA’s, multivitamins, SSRI’s, and college courses.

But, after about 2 months, I can confidently recommend this product to you guys. Cost per serving is about the same as a (real) serving of vegetables which you aren’t eating enough of anyway, I actually like the taste, and the improvements in my clean energy levels, mental clarity, workouts, and mood have been “statistically significant.”

Part of my responsibility as your head coach is to let you know when I stumble upon things like this, so there you go.

Alexandra has been experimenting as well so if you guys have any questions about it let us know.

As with anything, I recommend you guys try it, then stop it. If it’s not noticeable, leave it behind!

Final caveat, NOTHING will fix your shitty diet.

This is not going to “override” your poor decision making abilities if you have those, but if you are trying to eat real food and feel like there may be some gaps in there that need filling, give Athletic Greens a try.

Your success is our success.

P.S. Dear Athletic Greens, please don’t sue us for posting a picture of your product while trying to advocate your product.


We Do It for the Happy

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 2.23.19 PM

Happiness is your natural state. Worry is its enemy.


One of our biggest sources of worry is concerning our health. The world would have us believing that cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are unavoidable and lurking around every corner—waiting to pounce. While we CrossFitters are not immune to health problems, we know that we are doing everything we can to not be responsible for them.

Another source of worry is what people think of us. As CrossFitters we have learned that we are more capable than we ever thought we were. We regularly participate in activities we once thought impossible. We achieve on a regular basis. We develop a healthy opinion of ourselves that often overrides our concern for others’ opinions of us.

A third source of worry is finding ourselves in situations we are unable to handle. Flat tires, muggings, car wrecks, bar fights, the backyard with our grandkids. Again, many CrossFitters have laid this worry to rest and are living a fuller, happier life with their newfound fitness.


Many people think of CrossFit as too hard or too difficult. They do not wish to experience the discomfort that we seem to love.

What they don’t realize is that CrossFit is not about loving discomfort, nor is it some crazy masochistic endeavor. It isn’t pain for the sake of pain.


Comfort is actually the result… Comfort from worry.


We do it for the Happy.


CFSL 0913


Training Intent:

– Strength: This is a benchmark strength piece from May 3. Try to beat your previous max by 5#’s and have a plan before starting. Be sure not to take too big of jumps in weight and fail too early. This should take 8-10 singles. Keep your ribs down and do not cheat by initiating the movement with your legs — there should be no leg drive whatsoever.

– Metcon: This is a repeat benchmark from July 5. Try to beat your previous time, or establish a time today, by partitioning sets to minimize transitions. The time cap has been shortened to 20:00. Advanced athletes shoot for sub 12:00. Focus on being efficient with running technique and breathing purposely through burpees.

Shoulder Press (1RM)
Build up to a 1RM. Rest 2:00.
– Take 8-10 sets
– Beginners: 5 x 5, adding.
Barbell Row (4×10)
4 x 10. Rest 60-90s.
For time:

Run 400m
21 Wallballs 20/14
21 Burpees
Run 400m
15 Wallballs
15 Burpees
Run 400m
9 Wallballs
9 Burpees

Masters & Teens: 14/10
20min time cap
Goal’s Gym
Metcon (No Measure)
50 KB Tricep Extensions
50 Side Bends each


CFSL 0911

11 SEPTEMBER 2017 911

Order your Michey’s Meals here:
Congrats to all of our Ragin Games Gladiator’s!

We are all proud of you guys and your efforts!

Training Intent:

– Strength: Work up to a max with a heavy band over the bar. This should take 8-10 singles.

Make sure your set-up position is on point. Working up to 75-80% of your current 1RM is a good goal as the band will overload the top of the movement.

Keep in the mind band will provide the most resistance at the top so it’s important to be aggressive off the floor.

– Metcon: Slow paced metcon today. Front Squats should be light and capable of being done UB for at least the first few rounds.

Even though this workout is only 7 minutes I would recommend splitting into manageable sets out of the gate and sustaining that pace for the entire workout.

Banded Deadlift (1RM)
1RM. Rest 2-3:00

– Drape band over the bar and stand in
– Higher your deadlift is the heavier band you should use.

Beginner: Work on Deadlift Technique perform sets of 5 resetting on each rep with no band.

AMRAP 7min
9 C2B Pull-ups
11 Front Squats (95, 65)

Masters/Teens : C2B 75/55

Goal’s Gym
Metcon (Time)

100 Banded Pull Throughs