Maximizing Your Results Per Hour 2

Last week we introduced the idea of results per hour. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. Today we are going to start looking at one of the processes we use to accomplish this at CFSL. Once we wrap that up, we are going to talk about a process that you can begin implementing that will help you take your own results per hour to the next level.

At CFSL, nearly everything we do is aimed at this one metric. From our facility and equipment to our programming and class structure, we aim to provide you with the highest value return possible for your 1 hour a day that you invest with us. We shoot for that sweet spot where safety and effectiveness meet. Free from superfluity as well as deficiency.

Our approach to training is not our own, but was built upon CrossFit’s charter of Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity, or MCI. (some of us remember that as a long distance service)


1. Mechanics –


This can also be referred to as form, or technique. This involves answering questions like:

Which muscle groups are being used and how?

Which joints are being loaded and how?

In what order are the above taking place?

Is energy being wasted?

There are many more. The next phase involves correction, and this is the meat of it. It is not very difficult to see poor movement. you guys can probably see a bad deadlift from a mile away. Somewhat more difficult is identifying the root causes of poor movement. But the real heart of this phase is CORRECTING poor movement. And here is where we excel.

Breakdowns in mechanics are typically attributable to a lack of coordination, a lack of mobility, or a lack of strength. The speed with which these causes can be diagnosed and corrected directly impacts the rate at which you improve. Our experience and education help us quickly guide you to an appropriate corrective exercise scale or modification to address these breakdowns and keep you moving toward your goals safely.


2. Consistency –


Once mechanical errors have been corrected, we now want to ensure that the change is permanent. We look for consistency within your movement to make sure that the new motor patterns have over-ridden the old ones. Once that happens we move to Intensity.


3. Intensity –


Think of Intensity as your level of effort. This can mean a heavier loading in weightlifting exercise. Increased unbroken reps in gymnastics exercises. Higher sustainable heart rates in aerobic exercises, and so on. But what intensity ultimately translates to is the clock. How fast can you go?

Some people may argue, “Well I could get a better score in this workout if I just did it my way!”

That is likely true at first.

But we play the long game here. When we consider your results per hour, we also add a third piece to the equation. That piece is your entire lifespan.

Life doesn’t care how fit you were in your 40’s if you’re 50 now. The MCI philosophy helps us help you maintain your progress and avoid foolish injuries for an entire lifetime of fitness.