5 Reasons You Need this Paleo Challenge

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  1. Holiday Season

We are not naive. While we would love to believe that every one of our beloved members would place their health and wellness over fudge, pumpkin spice whatevers, and apple pie, we know this simply isn’t the case. Frankly we have seen people put 15-20lbs on over the holiday season.

There are two ways to live your life. Reactive and proactive. As CrossFitter’s, you have already established yourself as being proactive. Many of you did not need a debilitating chronic disease diagnosis before choosing to do something about your health. This is no different.

How much better will you feel going INTO the holiday season having lost 15-20 lbs?

How much less likely are you to give up that progress that to say, “Oh I’ll just fix it with a resolution?”


  1. Knowledge

The first part of living a healthier lifestyle is knowing what that means. The information you receive in the challenge will skyrocket your knowledge of what healthful and unhealthful looks, feels, and tastes like. But this is not all. There is action and more action.  Knowledge will give you faith in the nutrition protocol. But faith without works is dead.


  1. Accountability

Having a partner gives you that one last consideration before derailing your plan. Many of us attempt to go about making major life changes in secret. Both history and psychology show us the weakness of this method. By simply throwing in a buddy who you will have to “confess” to, your chances of success, if you commit to honesty, SKYROCKET. Try it, you’ll see.


  1. Free Scan

Many of you guys are now aware of the powerful snapshot the InBody scan produces of your overall health and fitness situation. All of you on the challenge will receive an after scan that will bolster your confidence in your gym, the CrossFit nutrition protocol, and YOURSELF!

What can’t beat that feeling of inner confidence and pride in yourself?


  1. Fun

Sucky fun is sort of the basis of what we do. Turn something that once seemed overwhelmingly difficult into a game and somehow it becomes interesting, maybe even fun. That’s how the Challenge works!



I had 39 reasons but I figured this was a good start.

The ONLY question you need to ask yourself is, “Would I like to be healthier, fitter, and leaner?”

If you are having trouble with answering that question, just ask me!


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