CFSL 0913


Training Intent:

– Strength: This is a benchmark strength piece from May 3. Try to beat your previous max by 5#’s and have a plan before starting. Be sure not to take too big of jumps in weight and fail too early. This should take 8-10 singles. Keep your ribs down and do not cheat by initiating the movement with your legs — there should be no leg drive whatsoever.

– Metcon: This is a repeat benchmark from July 5. Try to beat your previous time, or establish a time today, by partitioning sets to minimize transitions. The time cap has been shortened to 20:00. Advanced athletes shoot for sub 12:00. Focus on being efficient with running technique and breathing purposely through burpees.

Shoulder Press (1RM)
Build up to a 1RM. Rest 2:00.
– Take 8-10 sets
– Beginners: 5 x 5, adding.
Barbell Row (4×10)
4 x 10. Rest 60-90s.
For time:

Run 400m
21 Wallballs 20/14
21 Burpees
Run 400m
15 Wallballs
15 Burpees
Run 400m
9 Wallballs
9 Burpees

Masters & Teens: 14/10
20min time cap
Goal’s Gym
Metcon (No Measure)
50 KB Tricep Extensions
50 Side Bends each