Maximizing Your Results Per Hour 1

We are all familiar with the idea of miles per gallon, or “mpg.” This number is a measurement of efficiency which relays important information regarding one important function that we expect from our vehicles. That is, the ability to traverse distances.

When we look at this measurement of miles per gallon, we are getting key information on the distance that we can travel on one gallon of fuel.

Lately, with elevated fuel costs, concern for the impact of fossil fuel consumption on the environment, and the reality that fossil fuels are not an unlimited resource, this number has become somewhat of a key factor in the modern car consumer’s decision process.

Car manufacturers have scrambled to produce the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible. Some have even gone to the extent of fraud.

So what makes this number so important?

Well, while there are many other desirable functions in a vehicle like cargo space, ground clearance, ride quality, service intervals, passenger capacity, top speed, horsepower, towing capacity, etc., it is clear that what most people, want the most, is to get where they want to be, with as little waste as possible.

Now let’s move this analogy into the gym.


“What do most of us, want the most, out of our gym?”


In my 7 years of experience training people, I have found it to be exactly the same thing. We want to get to where we want to be, without waste. Without wasting time and without wasting effort.

We want results, and quite honestly, we want them fast!

Something that is really cool here at CFSL, is that your coaching staff all want the SAME THING! Our sole vocation is YOUR accomplishments and YOUR results.

Your success is our success and the sooner the better!

Our programming, our training, our structure, and our efforts are all centered on getting you there in as efficiently as possible.

But there just as there are many factors that actually go into increasing a vehicle’s miles per gallon, there are many things that go into increasing your results per hour.

The next few posts in this series will shed some light on the CrossFit St. Landry methodology. Some of the things we do, (some you may have never noticed) that help us hit that sweet spot of elevated results per hour.

Then we will look at specifically want YOU can do to take your RPH to the next level.