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This is not a challenge. It is not a contest, a game or a gimmick. We will not award prizes at the end of a fixed time. However you can win, if you are willing to change some habits and incorporate new ones.


Nutrition Coaching is our opportunity for us to walk alongside of you in a new and different direction. A journey of sorts. We provide one-on-one accountability, community, information, wisdom and experience. Together we discover what’s best for you; the what to’s and how to’s for your specific needs.


One of the fundamental tenets of CrossFit is that “Sickness, wellness, and fitness are measures of the same entity.” Coaching in the area of nutrition is just as necessary as coaching in the area of fitness. In fact the founders of CrossFit state that “A fitness regimen that does not support health is not CrossFit.” And we agree!


Nutrition Coaching is right for you, if:

–       You know what you should be doing, but easily stray from the path

–       You’re tired of fad dieting with short lived results

–       You need help streamlining your eating efforts to fit a busy lifestyle

–       You want to optimize your nutrition so you can get the most out of life

–       You want to fuel your body for greater performance/strength/endurance


There is a lot of information available to you regarding nutrition. What you should eat … what you should NOT eat … how much you should eat … when you should eat ….


At CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry, we believe that exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health and fitness goals, and that good nutrition is a foundational building block to maintaining homeostasis, your body’s internal balance.


“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate

principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging

a well when one feels thirsty, or forging weapons

after the war has already begun.”

-Nei Jing, 2nd Century BC


The food you put into your body will directly impact your success. We do not subscribe to fad diets, but we do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness.


While our general nutritional advice is straight forward, we understand that putting it into practice can be difficult.


The power of good coaching cannot be underestimated. The right coaches can take sports teams to championships, businesses to greater profit, and individuals to peak performance.


Our Nutrition Coaching Program uses a variety of methods to help its members:

–       Gain a better understanding of how you relate to food

–       Establish and take action towards achieving nutrition based goals

–       Modify behaviors in order to achieve those goals

–       Become self-reliant and gain confidence

–       Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

–       Understand how to fuel the body for greater performance/strength/


The Program is a series of 12 one-week modules. Participants will start the program with an initial consultation. Each week, participants receive multiple web-based lessons and assignments, an online forum is used to answer questions and provide a support network, where members can exchange recipes, success stories, and prepare for the coming week.


If this is what you need to finally reach your goals, fill out the form below, and we will get back to you with more information.


Coach Bambi and the CrossFit Breaux Bridge/CrossFit St. Landry Team