The Fit Test


When we started our gym in early 2012, I used to let people start off their introduction to CrossFit with a workout we referred to as the “Fit Test.” There are many fond and not so fond memories at my gym of this experience. The workout was:

2 Rounds for Time:

Row 500m

40 Squats

30 Situps

20 Pushups

10 Pullups

We have matured since those days and have learned that this is probably not the best way to treat someone looking to start CrossFit. We would never do this to someone today.

However, there were some very interesting observations made during that time. Things like current fitness capacity, mobility restrictions, coach ability, cognitive capacity, movement habits, will to achieve, and so on were ascertained from this initial performance.

The most interesting observation was how people responded to their results.

People tended to either see their current fitness situation, accept it, and make a decision to do something about it, OR they saw their situation, made excuses and denied it, and then went about trying to hide from it.

When our belief about our situation is out of whack with the reality of our situation, we have to do something about the inconsistency. Many choose denial. We try to convince ourselves that the facts are wrong. We try to change our beliefs and ignore all the signs that we are wrong. We deny. Then we try to avoid situations that show us we are wrong.

But occasionally, people get tired of pretending, of running, of avoiding, of denying, and we become willing to look at the facts. We become willing to accept reality.

Then, every once in a while, we decide to do something about it. To put our effort and focus into changing the facts, however scary, rather than spinning our wheels trying to change our beliefs about the facts.

We stopped The Fit Test because the people showing up at our doors changed. Instead of people showing up who needed to be faced with the reality of their situation, we began getting people who new the reality of their situation. They didn’t come to be beat down, they came for help.

We have been honored to have been a part of well over 1200 people’s fitness journey since opening our doors. Some stay and continue to grow, some take what they’ve learned and continue on their path. Either way we are extremely proud to be part.

If you are at that point and realize you could use a little help to get where you want to be, that’s what we do! Schedule your free No Sweat Intro and get 15-30 minutes alone with a trainer who wants to know what your goals are and see if we can help you achieve them.