The Little Blue Button


    My favorite movie franchise of all time is the Star Wars movies.  I have always been intrigued on how George Lucas brought so many different aspects from around the world and created the greatest science fiction movies.  He used different religions, cultural beliefs from all over the world, myths, folklore, and tall tales to deliver a message between good and evil.

    What I love the most about Crossfit is how it uses functional movement to get you fit.  A time will come in your fitness journey that you will cross paths with good and evil so to speak and that is “the little blue RX button.”  That one mouse click in Wodify can bring even the best and pure hearted athletes to lie, cheat, and steal.  You are not hurting any member by doing this, you are only hurting yourself.  It is that proverbial path to the dark side of the force.  

    Prescribed workouts are meant for the top 1% of athletes in Crossfit. 

Clicking that button is you saying that you performed every rep to exact standard of the movement.  You take upon an honor system with yourself to apply a no rep on movements when necessary.  Rather than it being a daily task and seem boring, RX workouts should be a major accomplishment on your quest to get fitter.  

    The phase “leave your ego at the door” applies so well when speaking of the RX button. 

For a long time, I thought that it did not apply to me.  It was meant for me, and it was meant for you too.  When I look at the 10 fitness domains, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, balance, and accuracy, it doesn’t include muscle ups, power cleans, double unders, and hand stand pushups.  It doesn’t say a thing about Fran, Jackie, Cindy, or Angie.  Mastering those movements are not an end goal.  We want to live longer, free of chronic disease and be able to thrive when faced with a challenge.  That challenge could be the “fit test” in the gym or racing to get help or pulling someone to safety.

    I hope you fully understand the meaning behind “that little blue button” and you should clearly feel like a rockstar when you earn that accomplishment.  As soon as you realize that you only need to compare yourself to the person in the mirror. No one else. It’s not that hard to become a little better every single day. A little stronger, a smidge faster, slightly more coordinated.


Coach Scotty