The Real Scoop on Injury in CrossFit and What to Do About It


We’ve all heard it.

“You’re going to get hurt doing that CrossFit thing.”

“I knew a guy who knew a guy who went blind from CrossFit.”

The list goes on. In a future post I will explain where all this comes from and give you some truth. In the mean time, I wanted to address the more pressing parts of this topic.

At CrossFit Breaux Bridge + St. Landry, we are in the pursuit of facilitating physiological change in your body. That’s a big part of what getting fit is.

As many of us do not walk into CrossFit for the first time limber, flexible, and ready to hunt a grizzly bear, that sometimes means we need to make A LOT of changes. We do this through a cycle of stimulus and adaptation. The stimulus occurs in the gym, the adaptation (recovery) occurs outside of it.

Change can be uncomfortable. It is highly probably you are going to use muscles you didn’t even know existed, and you are going to try and restore your joints to their original ranges of motion.

This means we will be doing some pulling, pushing, and squeezing on tissues which are not yet accommodated to this. That’s what unfitness is.

At our gyms, safety, efficacy, and sound mechanics are of the utmost priority. You must know, however, that on the path to obtaining these new skills, abilities, and looks, there may be bumps and bruises along the way. This is not water aerobics.

The good news is, the majority of CrossFit injuries are acute (meaning they will go away) and mainly consist of some type of inflammation.

So what should you do if you think you might have an injury?

  1. TELL YOUR TRAINERS – while we are not doctors and are very cautious not to step beyond our realm of knowledge and expertise, the overwhelming majority of sports injuries are well within our expertise. Healing is part of training, and we know a lot about it. All of your trainers have worked through various injuries in their fitness endeavors. We will also let you know if we think it is something you should get checked out.
  2. GO TO THE BOX – we can’t help you if we don’t see you. Not only do we not mind scaling and modifying workouts for you, we enjoy it. It let’s us use our creativity. And we cannot prescribe stretches or drills to help you recover if we don’t see you.
  3. CHECK YOUR NUTRITION – because most injuries are inflammatory in nature, simply eating a non-inflammatory diet can “cure” your injuries almost immediately. That’s right, nutrition isn’t only about being fat or skinny.
  4. CHECK YOUR EGO – injury goes from chronic to acute when you keep doing the thing that caused it over and over. If you want a life of fitness, don’t break yourself trying to push through a movement that is actually going to make it worse.
  5. REST DOES NOT MEAN DO NOTHING – while we definitely want to rest whatever part of you may be experiencing issues, that leaves a lot of parts of you we can focus even more intently on. Many of our athletes and coaches will tell you that some of the biggest leaps in their fitness journeys came through injuries.

These tips are not all-inclusive, but if you find yourself with a nagging injury and you do the above, we can help even further! We know a ton of techniques to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you think you may be experiencing this right now and are unsure what to do, email us at either CrossFit Breaux Bridge or CrossFit St. Landry so we can get you fixed up!